How to configure iCloud mail on Android and other devices?

After three days of initial outage, I finally got my iCloud mail id working. It was really strange the way iCloud smtp server behaved. But anyway, I think this problem is over. After configuring iCloud email on my mac and windows, I really needed it on my android phones so that I can check my mails on the go. Here is a step by step tutorial for configuring your email client on Android phones (the setting works almost on all the devices).

1. Go to the native email client application and go to new account setup.

2. Fill your email address “ or” and password and click on the Manual Setup.

3. Choose IMAP and fill “” (or etc..)port: 993 and Security type : SSL.

4. On the following screen configure smtp server by entering these values SMTP Server: Port: 587 Security type: TLS You need to check “Require Sign In” and provide your username and password. Keep in mind that your username should not be your full email id but just the part before @sign e.g enter sa123 for email id

5. Enter the values in option fields and enjoy your icloud mail on android. Note: You need to check your imap server as iCloud has assigned the different servers (p01-imap to p09-imap) to different email ids so check which one of the these works for you. You can also see this in your iOS device mail setting, use the same imap server for android.

Update: Please do let me know if this setting work for you… I would like to know whether this is working universally or just for a few. Update  2: Try changing your password of iCloud account if above settings are not working. For some servers this has solved the problem. Look at the comments sections, you can see what has worked for some other people. The best blog-editor for Mac (Do you agree with my choice…share your views here) 

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  1. Hey Santosh
    I have tried every way possible to put my .mac account ..I tried yours setting I went into my mail and checked the apple settings. nothing seems to work . I have gone to the apple store the android store I have call HTC and Apple .. no one can help .

    • HI Santosh, I just purchased a Droid RAZR and these settings do not work for me. For starters, the input fields are different than what you described above.

      • I recently purchased a Droid Razr(January 13th) and On february 8th my account quit working on mobile. I came across this website today and used the address and it works GREAT! Thanks

        • I have a Droid RAZR MAXX and thanks to this page, Ihave my @me account working great on it so far.
          US Purchased 2/2012
          Here is exactly what it looks like:

          Incoming: IMAP
          Username: (complete) @me email
          (Hit Advanced Settings)
          Port: 993
          Check Use Secure Connection
          Use secure pswd (TLS): Always
          Authentication: Auto

          User Name: just “username”…didnt add “@me” or any domain here…not sure if it matters
          (Hit Advanced Settings)
          Port: 587
          *i did not check use secure connection here*
          Use secure pswd (TLS): Always
          Authentication: Auto
          click “ok”
          click “verify server”
          if all good…hit ok

          Hint: I didnt need to change my password but I DID need to re-enter it a couple of times to get it to work.

          Thanks Santosh!!

          • Thanks Mia,

            This worked with no problems. I’m not a fan of the iPhone but I do use the cloud and my mobilMe account. I’m just glad I can us these features on my Razr.

          • Hi Mia,

            This worked! The key here is do not check the secure connection on the outgoing server. I have a Motorola Electrify, and I could not send emails. Thank you!

          • Mia, Thanks you for leaving all the details. It was unchecking the “Use secure connection” box and switching the “Use secure pswrd (TLS)” from Auto to Always that did the trick.

            Thanks you a million times.

          • Wow, it’s finally working again. Now I just need to get the configuration to set up icloud on my imac. My mail program won’t work since I movd to the cloud. I have an older mac without the intel processor.

          • Hi Santosh,
            I followed your instructions for icloud on an android I thought itwas up and running fine, but just realized that it won’t send mail. Any recomendations? Thank you.

    • I was having similar problems… for outgoing server try: (remember, that’s a zero, not an “o”)

    • Nothing would work for me. I went onto, changed my Apple id password, and bam! Instantly my phone was able to set up the mail account automatically. No need for manual setup at all! Just typed in my email address and password and the phone did the rest. And this is an old LG Ally phone.

    • I have contacted Apple, and they gave me this link. It did not help. I have called my phone company, who sends me back to Apple. Nothing seems to work. Thanks for trying, but I am bummed I can’t access my email since I “upgraded” to iCloud.

      • here’s how I did it: go to mail preferences, and use the specific settings for IMAP, they were slightly different than what is in this article, and it worked! The rest was right on. Thanks again! Apple wouldn’t help, and my phone service wouldn’t help. I appreciate your article!

    • Just wanted to say thank you for your instruction. I recently traded in my gmail for email and needed to upgrade to the new email on my Nook Tablet, your instructions successfully upgraded the Tablet email. Thanks Again!

  2. I have a Google Nexus S (Sprint) and I can’t get it to go through. I follow all the instructions above putting the incoming information above (i.e., leaving off the p99 like the apple instructions had and all I get after it searches is “Setup could not finish; Username or password incorrect. ()”. I tried using my normal email as the username or just the beginning and it gets the same message. I’ve put in my password a bunch of times to see if thats the issue and I get the same result. Any help would be beneficial.


      • Can you post the country, phone model and the actual values you entered in your phone setting.. I am just curious as going by the comments from other people, these settings seem to work for most.

      • Google Nexus S (Sprint, USA)

        Email address: Tried namooney ( and
        Username: namooney
        Password: XXX

        IMAP server: (also tried leaving off the “p99-“)
        Port: 993
        Security Type: SSL (also tried “SSL (Accept all certificates)”)
        IMAP path prefix: “Left Blank”

        Get the same error every time.

        • It still doesn’t work for me. I was online with support for 2+ hours yesterday. They were extremely nice and helped me get everything (many devices) working except my Samsung Galaxy SII. It will not work there, even with the correct settings. I verified the correct settings with a senior adviser. Even though Apple changed their website to list the outgoing imap server as, you should include your correct prefix in front of it, which I obtained from my Macbook Pro mail account. (p99- for me). Also, I verified your username should NOT include or I have iCloud mail working all on my devices now, except my android. If anyone else figures out what to do, please post. Support acknowledged that there are many other people that seem to be having the same issues.

  3. I still can’t get my mail on my Samsung Galaxy S2. With every possible p01-p99 combination it immediately returns ‘unable to connect to server’ error. If I leave the pXX part off, and just use – It takes much longer to process, but it returns with ‘Incorrect username or password’ error. Anything ideas?

    • @onefootracingThomas, what server number did you use? Are you using the default email client on your phone or some other app? I still get user / password error. I’ve seriously tried everything.

      • I have the same issue as Nicole, tried everything, using native email app on Samsung Galaxy S2. It fails when it tries to do the authentication.

  4. Hi I posted earlier and said that I couldn’t get it to sych correctly. I justwanted to say that It works perfectly on my phone (using 2.1 android) and the values on the apple help documentation that I posted don’t work at all. I checked the mail configuration on my macbook pro and it had p99 so I used that on the phone for the incoming server. Works and syncs a charm. Currently you are the only one on the internet who has worked out how to do this! Well done!

  5. I tried everything you said and still can not get .me or .mac mail to work on my droid. Samsung Galaxy nor HTC EVO will work. Called Sprint and they couldn’t figure it out. Called Apple and all they said was iCloud isn’t compatible with android. Am at a loss…can not figure it out.

  6. @Iain or @Santosh – Can someone (who has it working) try to download either the MailDroid or K-9 Mail (android) apps and verify that those apps work. Obviously, the authentication on certain native mail clients do not work. MailDroid and K-9 also do not work for me – so it would be helpful to know if they work for others (who are getting iCloud mail from their native mail clients). It would definitely narrow down if the problem is with the way my me (mac) account is setup, or, if it is a mail client problem (wrong authentication). Thanks!

    • i tried K9 and it still doesn’t work. “Checking incoming server settings” takes a long time, but still no go. Very annoying.

      • It works fine for my k-9 app and here are the configurations I used:
        [Incoming server settings]
        Password: your password
        IMAP server:
        Security type: SSL (always)
        Authentication type: PLAIN
        Port 993

        [Outgoing server settings]
        SMTP server:
        Security type: TLS (always)
        Port: 587
        Require sign in: checked
        Authentication type: automatic
        Password: your password

        Hope this works

  7. i have the same issue as Nicole above, a Samsung galaxy S2, no matter what I try, nothing works. Works everywhere else except on my phone.

  8. I just looked at some more responses from friends.. iCloud servers are still having some troubles so even people who got it working are facing some problems in a while.. so hopefully they will sort out and make it smooth..

  9. @Megan. The first article above has all the correct settings. (Although it’s still not working for some people depending on your mail client.)
    Just username, do not include
    Outgoing Server:
    SLL always
    Port: 993
    Outgoing Server:
    SMTP Server:
    Port: 587
    Security type: TLS

    • Yes! it’s working for me galaxy ace native email client.
      only… in the 4th line down it should be incoming server… not outgoing server. otherwise it worked great. Thanks Tom Piper

  10. Yeah, still not working for me. I’ve got a workaround though. I’ve got my MobileMe (and other addresses) forwarded to GMail and all settings set so I can respond as my MobileMe email (or whatever email the incoming message was sent to. I actually think I might prefer this as all emails are in one place… although I might just be telling myself this to avoid the pain of iCloud… 😛

    • Good idea, Megan! Have a Nexus S too and can’t stand not having my email address. Will see how much I like it….

      Thanks again.

      • It’s really not so bad once you get it all set up. I love my Nexus S so I’m at least willing to work with this scenario for now. My only qualm is that the mail doesn’t “push” like it did when I was using MobileMe with K-9 Mail – guess I have to get used to things not being so instant. 😛

  11. I changed my Apple ID password and everything started working (Outlook for Mac, Android Mail, Apple Mail etc) again.

    Try this!

  12. I tried changing my password last week, so it’s already uses the required length and characters – but I just did it again today, and it FINALLY WORKS from my Samsung Galaxy S2!! I also used for my email address instead of

  13. Still can’t get the Galaxy S2 Epic Touch through Sprint to get Mac mail. Can anyone who has walk through the settings they’re using?

  14. I did the password change last week and it still didn’t work – I even tried it on October 26th. Apple must have changed something on the 27th that made it start working. So even for the people that have done the password change, try it again because it seems to trigger something that makes it work now (at least that was the case for me). Also, on the outgoing server, I used : (with no pXX-). I also used for my email address, where I have always used before.

  15. Worked like a charm on the first attempt. Many people probably get confused on the P01-P09 setting in the imamp settings, but I just referred to what my Mac was using and Voila!!!!

    Thank You!!!! +2

  16. There has been a problem from Apple side, so we have been getting random error messages. As of now things are working for most. If you do not get it right, look at the comments above, one or other way should work for you.

  17. I tried this on my HTC phone, but it doesn’t work for me. I can get as far to the Outgoing server settings screen, but when I tap ‘Next’, an warming message pops up alerting me ‘Authentication failed. Please verify your username/password.’

  18. I am using EVO and have no problem with the incoming imap settings. I have trouble with the smtp outgoing. I keep getting a message that the server is not responding. I have tried different ports and settings. I have been to the Sprint store, Apple store and on line with Apple support. Nobody can figure it out.

  19. After over a week of trying, finally got the iCloud mail account to be set up in my Galaxy S2. The change of password did the trick. Did not even need to place p0x before the imap address.

    Thanks to all

  20. The instructions here works for me – default email app on Google N1/2.3.6

    I initially used; I then switched to just – both works.

  21. I have a new Asus EEE pad, Android 3 – I had to use a combination of the above to get it to work, but work it finally did – here is what worked for me – and thanks for all those who posted

    username =
    password = my iCloud password
    imap server =
    security type = ssl
    port = 993
    imap prefix = blank

    smtp server =
    security type = TLS
    Port = 587
    Require sign in = click the check box

    username and password = the same as above

  22. @Santosh Just a query. I have all my mail, calendars, and contacts stored on iCloud since I use my iPod touch on a daily basis. I know how to sync my mail, but would it be possible to sync my contacts (and calendars if possible) to my HTC Wildfire also? If so, since I have not found instructions anywhere else, how?

  23. I have the HTC Incredible and I have setup the account but for some reason the mail sends but the receiving email never gets the message. any thoughts?

  24. This is so odd. I have the Galaxy SII and nothing was working. I didn’t even have the dialog boxes to change in or outgoing settings. The first thing I did since it seemed to work for everyone as part of the solution was to change my password. And under new or “add” accounts, I selected HOTMAIL instead. Then changed those settings and it worked perfectly.

  25. Como configurar o email ME num celular Android « SemPlicado

  26. Thanks for that info.

    After going crazy for two days with my new nexus it works for me.

    I had to change my password for my apple-id and then it worked. Before that I tried everything, but nothing helped.

    thanks again.


  27. Hallelujah… i’ve spent more hours than I care to admit to today monkeying around with this *^%%$$# thing. Thank you so much for the info.

  28. First of all I didn’t move to iCloud yet so I’m still on, my server is set to and thats only change I have to make to my mail work with MailDroid on Android 2.2 Tablet and it start working after I changed my password in Apple ID. So if You didn’t upgraded to iCloud You should use IMAP and server if it don’t work try changing your password. Thanks a lot for article 🙂

  29. Thank you very much!

    This worked well for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ 1st Gen. I used this iCould server “” and followed the rest of the directions and my mail was set up.

  30. For those who work with multiple OS and email accounts - Android Forums

  31. Thanks SO MUCH!!!

    Been trying to setup my @me account on my android phone for ages, and found this and it finally worked no problems!! Awesome. thanks again!

  32. Has anyone got this to work with the Nook Color? Mine is up to date with Version 1.4.1. Are there any apps that can be downloaded to run iCloud on the Nook? The Nook uses Android OS but not the full version. It can be hacked into to run the full version of Android OS but that voids the warranty.

  33. After much trying I finally got the mail on my Nook Color. Not exactly sure what it took but new mail just appeared. Maybe it was the Tebow effect; he just got his first touchdown today against Pittsburgh. Thanks Tim!

  34. I just got an iPad 2 and I’m trying to figure all of this iCloud stuff out. I have an android htc and I have tried the directions but I am still not sure if I am doing any of this right. Is there not an app for iCloud for android? Anyway if u or anyone could help that would be great.

    • I am having similar problem.I have an Android HTC EVO 4G with Sprint. I just got an ipad1 and a new MacBook. iCloud is syncing the two Apple products BUT can’t get Android to sync with iCloud Calendar. Purchased CalDAV-Sync Beta but can’t figure out server info and other fields. Any hints? Other Apps that easily sync Android and iCloud calendars two-way?

  35. @Mandy There is no iCloud app for Android. The one way you can sync your iCloud calendar is that you configure google calendar on you iCloud and make it default on your iCloud devices.

    • Santosh – I already had Apple products syncing. Then I paid a few dollars and got calDAV-Sync (beta but good – server I used: for my Android HTC EVO 4G. Now everything syncs: iCloud, Android Calendar, iPad, ical on MacBook, google calendar. It’s a beautiful thing.

  36. outgoing smtp set-up had me stumped for 2 days on Xperia mini running Android 4.0. Didn’t occur to me to try TLS setting. Now works like a charm. You’re the man ! Thx

  37. All previous different sites did not fully explain that you have to check the “Login” box during set-up…Followed closely your instructions. That small “click” now allows me to “Send” w/iCloud, not just “Receive” (which was the case). Thanks Friend.

    VZN Rezound…Using the Generic Mailbox app.

  38. Thanks so much! That was my next solution to attempt-it’s how my desktop computer mail’s imap server is set up. I dont know why the old worked until yesterday and then quit.

  39. Just yesterday I got my hands on the galaxy note and had no problem at all. Just put my user name and password and thats it….works perfecto. No IMAP nothing 🙂 I was really surpriced after what my friends had to go thru. Anyway good luck guys

  40. I just went into outlook which itunes configured automatically. Then duplicate the settings in your android mail app. Easy as 123. The outgoing server need the as the server (mine is p07, yours could be 01-09)

  41. Icloud SMTP Sync Issue

    Have Icloud email all set up and working (sort of) on HTC Desire BUT when i send email they go through OK but never appear in my icloud sent box, or outlook sent items…..

    Any ideas?


  42. IGNORE last comment re non-sync sent items, have now found them all on a second “Sent” box folder. This folder appears on my IPAD AND on web based mail but doesn’t appear on my Outlook “me” account so couldn’t see it.

    Annoying but at least it is synching.

    Anyone know how to consolidate the two sent boxes??

  43. You are awesome man, it really works I have Galaxy Nexux by Samsung But In the outgoing setting I had to changed the smtp server to:


  44. Thank you so much. Your instructions helped
    Me setup account on my new Galaxy II Nexus. Worked the first time.

    Now if you can just get iMessage on android….

    Thanks again.

    • Can you plese (if you want to) explain to me the settings you’ve made in order to make @me mail work on samsung galaxy nexus ….because mine doesn’t work, i’ve tried everything but nothing happened….”Couldn’t finish” “Couldn’t open connection to server” these are the answers i’m getting .

  45. Hi guys i ve’got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus …i tried everything….i read above….(and i really appreciate your opinions…but in my case nothing is working….It’s really crazy…If someone with a galaxy nexus could help me!!! Thnks in advance,

  46. It works! Your instructions are perfect! I have the Motorola Droid 3 and my mac email had been working until about a month ago. I had tried everything and just today run into your instructions. THANK YOU!

  47. After a bit of a struggle I figured it out!

    What solved the problem for me was in the advanced smtp options screen uncheck the “Use secure server” option.

    I’m not sure what that does for my security but at least my emails get out!

  48. Solved!
    SMTP: ( as elsewhere quoted not working anymore)
    Confirming: Password change worked as of 25.02.2012!
    I wasn’t able to use my iCloud mail for months now… Finally something working! Too bad this was the 3rd page of google, never bothered to look. After the first 10 result told my mail settings was ok, I thought the problem is not with my computer.

  49. I ran through this set-up after confirming my incoming mail server from my MacMail (p02-imap…) and the incoming mail began working immediately. Outgoing mail from the Droid, however, would not send. I contacted Verizon tier 2 support and they sent me to Motorola, neither were helpful. Apple indicated that SSL security was a requirement while the Droid only offers TLS. In the advanced settings on the Outgoing Server section I turned off “Use secure connection” and now all is working well. Hope it continues to do so.

  50. Also found this on the Apple Support page.

    For more information on how to use this information with your email application, consult your application’s documentation.

    IMAP (Incoming Mail Server) information:

    Server name:
    SSL Required: Yes
    Port: 993
    Username: (use your address from your iCloud account)
    Password: Your iCloud password
    SMTP (outgoing mail server) information:

    Server name:
    SSL Required: Yes
    Port: 587
    SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
    Username: (use your address from your iCloud account)
    Password: Your iCloud password
    Additional Information
    SSL is required for both IMAP and SMTP connection with iCloud. POP is not supported by iCloud.

  51. Thank you very much. It worked perfectly the first time. Even our tech consultant could not figure out how to configue my Apple iCloud e-mail on my new T-Mobile Galaxy S II Android phone. Thanks to Google, I found your website. I obviously do not know how you came up with the solution, but it is my guess that a significant number of the Apple Store “Genius” staff members do not have a clue how to accomplish this. Thanks again.

  52. Works perfectly on my Droid Milestone….. fortunately mine is on the mail server that you listed, as I wasn’t able to find it in my iCloud a/c anywhere and I don’t have any iOS devices (just Macs 😉

  53. HTC Aria (Android 2.2)
    email addr (with
    username (email addr w/
    IMAP Server:
    Security Type SSL
    Server Port 993

    Login required: Checked
    username (full email addr with
    smtp server:
    Security type TLS
    Server Port 587

    Inbox worked from the start. Outgoing did not work until these settings.

  54. Thanks 🙂 I too have a Samsung S2 Skyrocket and it worked perfectly. I was able to see all my messages immediately. Good Job!

  55. You are a brilliant, brilliant person. Thank you. I’ve literally spent over 30 dedicated hours trying to solve this problem (trouble shooting myself, with Sprint, with HTC, with Apple). Mere words cannot express my gratitude. Evo 4G back up and running.

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  57. I’ll immediately seize your rss as I can not find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please permit me realize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  58. Perfect, thank you! I had my mobile me account set up on my Android and it worked fine. Then when I changed to icloud (yuck) everything went downhill. Sometimes I would connect on my Android, but most of the time it would not. I changed my settings to the above and it seems to be working perfectly! Especially using

  59. Thank you! Just left iphone over foxconn and picked up samsung galaxy 2s. Now I have mac mail coming in…thanks again!

  60. How to configure iCloud mail on Android and other devices? | Alpha and Omega I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about How to configure iCloud mail on Android and other devices? | Alpha and Omega Best Regards Yoder Cassetta

  61. I have a myTouch 4G from tmobile and I just entered these instructions and they worked perfectly with my email. Thank you so much! Oh and I used the p01 server in case it is important.

    Thanks again 🙂

  62. Wow, long post. I started at the top and before I got to the bottom (where the answer likely is), I made a new account using instead of It auto got the settings, which were simpler than most of what I was trying. Not exactly sure what phone, but it was a Moto with a dual processor, fairly new. Settings were almost as Joe on Mar 12 has them above, though I didn’t have an imap before the for the outgoing server. Probably doesn’t matter much either way…

  63. Your “How to Configure iCloud Mail on Android and Other Devices?” was clear, easy-to-follow, and effective. Thank you for providing this valuable information.

  64. Can I sync my Android phone with the iCloud? - Portable Devices

  65. I setup my Kindle Fire to use my iCloud email account, following the steps exactly as you outlined. Worked without a hitch! Thanks for your help!

  66. OMG, lifesaver! This worked like a charm! I have been so frustrated that I couldn’t check my email on my Nook ever since getting iCloud. This solved all my problems!!! Thank you SO much!

  67. Thank you JESUS!!! I did exactly what you said on my Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4g Touch (what a mouthful). And it works brilliantly !

  68. These settings worked on my HTC Desire thank you!

    Don’t know why it all changed, wasn’t notified by Apple or Vodafone that they would. Grrr!

    Anyway, all’s well that ends well…

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  70. It worked! Thank you so much! After multiple frustrations…hours of effort, and just sheer anger…this worked. You are a genius. Thank you.

  71. I have a Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder).
    It worked fine, but only after many attempts. The conclusion was: I had to use my instead of, and TLS instead of SSL in SMTP. It worked instantly! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!, Santosh.

    Cheers from Portugal!

  72. My mail stopped working 3 days ago and nothing I could do worked until I tried your settings. Works now. Good stuff!! Very grateful

  73. IT WORKED!!!!!! After searching all over the web, your solution worked. The key was to place the -p07 for the imap. Thank yo uso much!!!

  74. I changed my apple/icloud ID and then did these steps, it worked! I had to use the p01 before it worked, but now I have my email back! THX!!!

  75. Worked on my Photon 4G after a couple of tweaks. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!

    Followed these settings:

    Incoming: IMAP
    Username: (complete) @me email
    (Hit Advanced Settings)
    Port: 993
    Check Use Secure Connection
    Use secure pswd (TLS): Always
    Authentication: Auto

    User Name: just “username”…didnt add “@me” or any domain here…not sure if it matters
    (Hit Advanced Settings)
    Port: 587
    *i did not check use secure connection here*
    Use secure pswd (TLS): Always
    Authentication: Auto
    click “ok”
    click “verify server”
    if all good…hit ok

  76. Just for the curiosity value: unannounced by Apple , there is a new password requirement, only found by going into the AppleID site 🙁 ) and re-setting your password. As has happened to myself and a few other friends, our old passwords did not meet the requirements and when we switched to the Cloud, we could not figure out why our logins were getting rejected, with all of the correct info entered. Once the passwords were changed to meet the new requirements, the Cloud let us on board. So… if all else fails, try this added trick.
    BTW: passwords now have to have at least one Capital despite the AppleID website not mentioning it.

  77. Bingo. Been racking my brains for hours trying to set this up on my Galaxy S. Worked first time!

    Thanks a buch Santosh. Pure genius 🙂

  78. iCloud bzw. MobileMe nutzen -

  79. I was able to access my @mac email account on my Samsung Epic without proolems up until about a month or so ago when it suddenly would no longer connect. I tried deleting the account from my Epic and adding it again, changing my password, and copying the server settings from my MacBook Pro – nothing worked. I stumbled upon this blog and used the p01 settings and everything is up and running and a-ok once again. I can’t thank you enough!

  80. I tried all the possible configurarions you are posting. It does not work either on my Galaxy SII or in Thunderbird on my pc. It always states userid or password are wrong.
    I know that my imap server is p99, but this does not help. The client sw is not able to connect. I tried keeping, cutting it, using p99-imap, using only imap, etc. in all combinations. If I do not use SSL, it doesn’t even reach the server!
    I am thinking not using this email address on my mobile…

    • You try changing your password. On thunderbird you just let it automatically configure it, do not provide any settings. It worked for me and many others. Galaxy S2 I am not sure what is the problem.. but change your password…

      • I did changed my password. and it did not work. I tried with Thunderbird as you were suggesting: letting thunderbird do the job… and it gave the same error. Now I did like one of the above: I forward from all messages to another account on .gmail. It works and I do not lose any message. I hope in the future Apple fixes this. Otherwise iCloud will have a mail user less. Ciao!

  81. This worked perfectly for me, thank you! I’ve been so frustrated since moving to iCloud. I have a myTouch and it works perfectly.

  82. It doesnt work for my Galaxy Nexus S with icecream sandwich.

    Says : cannot safely connect to the server. ( SSL handshake aborted: ssl=0xbdc628: Failure in SSL library, usually a protocol error error:140770FC: SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO unknown protocol (external/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c:6830x40170cc3:0x00000000))

  83. Motorola Atrix Running Android Version 2.3.6

    Select IMAP mail server
    serverL (that’s p ZERO 7 there at the beginning)
    password: enter acct password
    Port: 993
    check “Use secure connection”
    Select AUTO for “Use secure connection (TLS)”
    check “Verify certificate”

    SMTP server:
    username: only the username goes here, not the part
    enter acct password
    Port: 587
    UNcheck “Use secure connection”
    select “Always” under Use secure password (TLS)
    Authentication: select Auto
    check “Verify certificate”

    I did not change my password.

  84. This does work on my Sprint Photon. mail had inexplicably quit working after months of service (Apple messing with us?). BUT, I tried these settings over & over without results until I went to Apple ID and changed to a new password. Now it works. But now I have to reset the new password on all my other devices (Nook, iPod, etc.) =-(

  85. Finally – something that worked the first time around!! We did have to solve the OS issue on our Mac so that iCloud was able to sync properly first, but after that was accomplished, your instructions made configuring my htc EVO a piece of cake. Thank you so much!!

  86. You are my hero Santosh!
    Many thanks for saving my remaining hair, I was really ready to tear it out.
    Your solution worked like a charm on my Galaxy S2.
    Best wishes

  87. Thanks for this. Worked first time on the Samsung Galaxy SII.

    Have you come up with a solution for the Windows? I have tried with the Nokia Lumia 800 but not all the settings are available and it fails…..



  88. I have a Nokia C7 and some of the parts mentioned in the instructions don’t exist or are different in my settings. I keep getting an error message that says my password is wrong, but I use the same password to log on through Safari without any problem. My MacBook Pro uses p99-imap so should I assume it will be the same for my phone as well? This is driving me crazy!

  89. In the end I could connect my Samsung and my Windows 7 Personal Computer to the iCloud mail, migrated from
    First I discovered I had two Apple IDs, one such as name.lastname and the other The two had the same password.
    So, as you cannot delete an Apple ID, I changed its password and then changed the password of the other Apple ID. As name.lastname Apple ID was linked to the same mailbox, I also cut that connection, added another mailbox (one not in the domain) and renamed the Apple ID to bear the same name of the mailbox (this was suggested by Apple Support. They were really very kind and helpful).

    Having done this, I went back to the same problem I had before, but with more clarity.
    I started with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.
    I configured it in this way: Name Lastname as owner. as mailbox, password of the Apple ID.
    User was Apple ID
    IMAP Server: – port 993 – SSL – normal password identification
    SMTP Server: – port 587 – TLS – no authentication
    It worked.

    Then I tried with Thunderbird on the Personal Computer. Here is the really strange situation I had. I did exactly as for the Galaxy but I had to use the password I was using with my account (NOT THE NEW iCloud password). I was lucky I remembered it.
    Obviously this succeeded after some attempts.

    Same situation on a Nokia C6-01 smartphone.
    I called Apple Support in order to specify this. I opened a case.

    I hope this can help some of you that were not able to configure IMAP clients other than Apple Devices

  90. Whenever I initially commented I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and currently each time a comment is added I get 4 email messages with the identical comment.

  91. This worked perfectly for me on my Galaxy S2 skyrocket. Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy not being able to check my me account.

  92. I just want to say thank you for finally getting iCloud email working on my Xperia Play 🙂 It is very useful to be able to take my phone with me and not have to pull out my iPad every time I want to check my email and sometimes get disappointed because there is no wifi around.

  93. Thank you so much for this post. I just got a HTC Wildfire S and was getting very frustrated trying to access my account. I set everything up exactly as you instructed but could not get it to work despite trying different variations. It wasn’t until dominique pointed out that the “o” in “p07” is a zero that it started working. For some reason on my browser font it looks like a lower case letter “o”.
    The real question is, why is it getting so that users, whether it’s for hardware, software, games, whatever- are having to go to each other to solve these issues? Companies just seem to set up forums and wait for us to figure it out ourselves. Must save them a fortune in tech support staff. >.<

  94. An additional information.
    In a previous post, I added the configuration hints to set-up iCloud accounts on 3P devices or email clients software, using pre-migration server addresses and password.
    After a couple of weeks these settings have become obsolete and I could not access the iCloud email again.
    Apparently the new settings, past migration, have propagated through iCloud and now they are active.
    So, I had to re-set the configuration to reflect migration.
    Now everything is respecting Apple iCloud new settings: i.e.: for imap, and for smtp. userid is consistent with Apple-ID userid and password is consistent with Apple-ID password.
    This was really strange. But it took apparently about a month to be reflected everywhere.
    Hope this is useful for any of you who needs to set-up accounts

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  96. On my Droid I didn’t have to use the longer incoming server address, worked. The key problem is not being able to send mail. Leaving off the domain in my username was unexpected, but still won’t send mail.

  97. HTC S ONE. I have tried a lot of the suggestions listed here. I either don’t have someof the options for setup or it just doesn’t work with the “username or password” error, ect. Can anyone help? Please! Thanks!

  98. Thank you for these step-by-step instructions! It totally worked on my GalaxyS, and I didn’t have to change any passwords 🙂

  99. I have a first generation iPod touch which cannot be updated to iOS 5, and therefore cannot work with the iCloud mail. Your instructions worked fine to get it back on track. Thanks.

  100. Hi Santosh,
    Great site – thank you.

    Short question:
    You wrote: “You need to check your imap server as iCloud has assigned the different servers (p01-imap to p09-imap) to different email ids so check which one of the these works for you. You can also see this in your iOS device mail setting, use the same imap server for android”

    Could you please tell me where to find this info in Icloud settings or on my Iphone 4GS device?

    Thank you,

  101. Worked for me! My Macmail just stopped working inexplicably last night (error message: incorrect username or password), and using these manual setup instructions was the only way I could get it back up! Even changing my Apple ID password had not worked for me this time around. Thank you, thank you!

  102. Thank you so so much. I have had my @me account for a long time and i have always been able to access my email through my phone but just one day it stopped. After almost two weeks of not being able to get my email I am now back online. I think it had something to do with the change over from MobileMe to iCloud. I was almost lost with zero help from both apple and HTC. I’m glad I came across your article.

  103. My Virgin Mobile LG Rumor touch had been working fine with its e-mail until about May 23rd. I found your information here, updated my settings and now I’m back on top of my e-mails. Thanks for your post!

  104. Thank you so much or the info.. I have a HTC and for a week have been trying to figure out why I haven’t received my emails. Tried your settings p07-imap and it worked like a charm..

  105. The incoming servers work great but I couldnt get the outgoing to work, however I changed the security to STARSSL or something like that and it works, just without Push email. Thanks!

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